1. Location
  2. Property Boundary
    Property Boundary
  3. Cove
  4. Paddle in Paradise
    Paddle in Paradise
  5. The Cove
    The Cove
  6. Ettalong Entrance
    Ettalong Entrance
  7. Umina Point
    Umina Point
  8. More Lawn
    More Lawn
  9. Sunset
  10. Sunset
  11. Sand and Sea
    Sand and Sea
  12. Sunset
  13. Private Jetty
    Private Jetty
  14. Lagoon Setting
    Lagoon Setting
  15. Umina Point
    Umina Point
  16. Ground Floor Bedroom
    Ground Floor Bedroom
  17. Title 39
    Title 39
  18. Title 41
    Title 41
  19. Sunset
  20. Beach Vows
    Beach Vows
  21. Love on the Lawn
    Love on the Lawn
  22. Arbour
  23. Emerald Cove
    Emerald Cove
  24. Hamptons on the Central Coast
    Hamptons on the Central Coast
  25. Ettalong Creek
    Ettalong Creek
  26. Parents Retreat
    Parents Retreat
  27. Queen Bedroom
    Queen Bedroom
  28. Queen Bedroom
    Queen Bedroom
  29. Downstairs Master
    Downstairs Master
  30. Ettalong Creek
    Ettalong Creek
  31. Jetty and lawns
    Jetty and lawns
  32. Zen garden by the Creek
    Zen garden by the Creek
  33. Deck
  34. Entertainers Delight
    Entertainers Delight
  35. Views to 'dine for'
    Views to 'dine for'
  36. Spacious Dining
    Spacious Dining
  37. Zen Garden surrounded by water
    Zen Garden surrounded by water
  38. Living Dining
    Living Dining
  39. Living and Deck
    Living and Deck
  40. Beachfront Living
    Beachfront Living
  41. Master Suite
    Master Suite
  42. Balcony
  43. Living room 2
    Living room 2
  44. Private Beach Access
    Private Beach Access
  45. Acerage
  46. Kitchen
  47. Inspired cooking, Inspiring views
    Inspired cooking, Inspiring views
  48. Expansive Lawns
    Expansive Lawns
  49. Cocktails on the beach
    Cocktails on the beach
  50. Fire Pit
    Fire Pit
  51. Zen Garden
    Zen Garden
  52. Open plan living and dining
    Open plan living and dining
  53. Title 69
    Title 69
  54. Master
  55. Website
  56. Outdoor Luxury
    Outdoor Luxury
  57. Outdoor Oasis
    Outdoor Oasis
  58. Stairway to heaven
    Stairway to heaven
  59. Sunset
  60. Balcony Sunset
    Balcony Sunset
  61. Winter Warmer
    Winter Warmer
  62. Manicured Gardens
    Manicured Gardens
  63. Wash the sand from your feet
    Wash the sand from your feet
  64. Pebble Paths
    Pebble Paths
  65. Aperol Spritz
    Aperol Spritz
  66. Beach Chique
    Beach Chique
  67. Path to Zen Garden
    Path to Zen Garden
  68. Relax and Unwind
    Relax and Unwind
  69. Drinks with a view
    Drinks with a view
  70. Tropical Oasis
    Tropical Oasis
  71. Greet the sun
    Greet the sun
  72. Secluded Beach
    Secluded Beach
  73. Point
  74. Point
  75. Emerald Cove Boundary
    Emerald Cove Boundary
  76. Aerial of Emerald Cove
    Aerial of Emerald Cove